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Food Bowls Make Life Better

Food Bowls Make Life Better

Bowls. I know. Everyone puts everything in them. Do we really need recipes or entire books for sticking stuff in bowls? I’d spare you from more bowl talk but I just can’t. We eat outta them most weeknights. They’re low-cost, easy, yummy and satisfying. They make life better.

Seriously, you just grab a variety of stuff from your fridge, freezer and pantry, then microwave. Read up on microwave nutrition and safety if you’d like. Total respect for those who don’t micro. Just use stovetop and oven. Either way, heat up and then chow down. Extra points if you make double to cover tomorrow’s lunch.  

A great bowl contains a nice balance of comfort, flavor and nutrition with these things:

  • Whole grains, cooked greens, and lean protein (half to full cup of each of these)

  • A cruciferous veg + 2 other veg options (1+ cup total. Remember to  hit 3-5 cups a day.)

  • Something flavorful/special (a little dairy or non-dairy cheese, hot sauce, fried egg, etc.)

Not to be lazy (let’s call it resourceful) but I just use ingredients from my 15 minute salad recipe for my bowls with the following changes:

  • Frozen greens from a bag (kale and/or spinach) – ½ - 1 cup based on how much I ate earlier

  • Whole grains for comfort (and fiber!) – brown or black rice, quinoa, etc. Whole wheat pasta or sweet potato 1-2x a week.  ½ - 1 cup – depending on hunger / comfort needed

  • Protein – lean meat or fish, scrambled or fried egg, veg patty, tofu or tempeh – ½ ¾ cup. Also, add or sub ½ cup beans or peas if you didn’t eat them earlier. Super healthy, cheap, filling, yummy. I won’t ever let up on this one. Eat most days and your body adjusts.

  • Omit nuts? Weird to me in a hot bowl but don’t let me stop you.

  • Add something flavorful/special to make it special A little fat here is totally cool. See ideas above or add olives, sundried tomatoes, a drizzle of sesame oil or my favorite mushroom bacon bits (watch cook time – they burn easily). A fattier meat or little more cheese once a week is cool too.

 Bowl pictured contains:

  • Chicken breast – rotisserie from store

  • Peas, kale, spinach – bagged frozen

  • Roasted purple sweet potatoes – cut into 1.5” pieces, place on cookie sheet, add salt, pepper, paprika, spray with olive oil and bake at 400 for 15 min

  • Broccoli – fresh, cut into 1” pieces and microwaved 1-1.5 min

  • Roasted onions – red and yellow cut into strips and then follow above directions

  • Sliced black olives for topping



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