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A Healthy Lifestyle: Are You Worth It?

A Healthy Lifestyle: Are You Worth It?

Many of us feel like we could do more to be healthy. Maybe eating more whole foods, getting some exercise or sleeping better would help. As we consider the options, we usually end up with one big question:

Is it worth it?

Wow – so many ways to interpret, depending on who we are and where we’re at. Here are the top 3 I hear most often:

Is it worth giving up my freedom to enjoy life on my terms?

Is it worth making an investment that might not even pay off?

Is it worth making my health/myself a priority?

When we’re talking about changing our routines (our lives, really), these questions make sense. Why should others be free to live it up as we watch from the sidelines? How can some fit people still end up with heart disease? Do they feel like they wasted time for nothing? Oh – and that last question – it’s seems to always be there, whether we’re aware of it or not: Am I worthy?

We may not even consider taking care of ourselves. Other priorities must come first. And if we do entertain the idea, we may quickly dismiss it. My inner voice tends to ask, “Who you do think you are to put yourself first?” or “How can you pull this off when you’ve already failed here and there and really everywhere?” How can I start to even think about health if I question the value of myself?

It’s a highly personal and tricky topic, I know. But belief in your worthiness is at the core of truly taking care of yourself, so it’s the ideal place to start. Building this foundation can take us further than we can imagine. Clearly we can’t tackle this overnight. And our approaches will be as unique as we are. So, as we begin to unpack and sort what we find, let’s also figure out ways to start investing in ourselves. I’m talking simple and sustainable steps. No radical life disruptions needed.   

In the next week, find a day or two when you can set aside some time (15 minutes is super; 20-30 is optimal). Do something to nurture yourself. You could go for a walk, eat a healthy snack you love (fruit, nuts, even dark chocolate), journal, breathe or meditate. If that sounds like too much, sit outside, have a cup of tea, or listen to music. Maybe read something inspirational or begin to visualize what a healthy life looks like for you. The goal is to do something totally for you and try to open up to the idea that you’re worth it.

The quest for health begins exactly where you’re at. Right here, right now. There’s no right or wrong. Build the belief that you’re worth it, find healthy things to do that you love and you’ll have a life that is anything but being stuck on the sidelines or a waste of time.

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