Start small. Be consistent. Build momentum.

grandparents-3018410_1920Do something healthy today.

Eat an apple. Take a walk. Write down something you appreciate. Go to bed earlier.

Repeat tomorrow. Or do something else.

Keep it going.

Miss a day? No biggie. Make up for it with one (or two!) things the next day.

Now, try skipping something not-so-healthy.

Mindless screen time. Junk food. Adult beverage. Sitting for hours.

Can you do this in addition to the healthy thing each day?

Maybe even replace the unhealthy thing with this healthy one?

A brisk walk instead of (or before) a beer to unwind? That could work.

What about more sleep and less screen time?

Experiment, practice, and learn what works. Then, stick with it.

Start small. Be consistent. Build momentum.

Add and subtract more things.

You can totally make this easy or hard. A challenge or a chore. A priority or a half-assed attempt that that’ll fail anyway.

I’ve tried it both ways. Pretty much the same amount of effort. But guess which one makes you healthier?

Fruits & Veggies – Opt In For Optimal Health


Lots of folks complain about eating fruits and vegetables.

They don’t fill you up. They’re a pain to buy and prepare. They need butter, cheese or bacon to make them taste good. They’re hard to digest. They can cost a fortune. Never liked them. Never will.

We dismiss their value and treat them as optional. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that only 1 in 10 Americans meets the federal recommended minimum for fruit and vegetable consumption.

What’s the daily minimum?

1 ½ – 2 cups of fruit and 2-3 cups of vegetables

Dang, why so much? Because they’re low in calories and high in disease-preventing fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The Harvard School of Public Health says there is strong evidence that fruits and vegetables can help us prevent several chronic diseases, like cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S.

If eating more fruits and veggies sounds like an awful way to live, it’ll probably feel like that. But what if you just added more to snacks and meals whenever you could? Salad instead of fries. Extra salsa on that burrito. A fat handful of greens stuffed into your sandwich. Double veggies in a stir-fry. Smoothies, dried berries & nuts, tomato soup, etc. Not hard to do. A huge benefit for your health.

Leary of the evidence that fruit sugar isn’t bad for you? No problem, just eat more veggies. Don’t like veggies either? Work on ways to enjoy them with seasonings, mixed in with foods you love, pureed as soups or smoothies, etc.

Fit fruits and veggies in wherever you can. It’s rebellious. You’ll look and feel good doing it.